Real Benefits

Understand OCHEM is the result of more than 40 semesters of practical classroom experience, observation and assessment. It has been beta tested in 11 colleges/universities with great success. Test averages have moved up dramatically to an astounding 85-93%.

In Dr. van Kuiken's classroom at Southern Virginia University the students are consistently scoring in the top 1-2% on the organic chemistry portion of national standardized tests. In addition, the acceptance rate for the author’s students applying to medical schools and graduate research programs is over 90%.


Benefits for students include:

  • They only have to take the class once.
  • An opportunity to be what they want to be.
  • A real understanding of organic chemistry.
  • A higher GPA.
  • They become continual learners able to understand new scientific discoveries.
  • They learn to analyze and evaluate scientific information.

Understand OCHEM benefits for instructors include:

  • A complete teaching package—producing successful students with higher classroom averages.
  • Easy to implement instructional process—for traditional classroom and distance learning.
  • Unlimited technical support and email consultation with the author